In Leadership – Less Is More


Leadership won’t help you chase a bigger office or title.

Leadership won’t be impressed by the size of your bank account.

Leadership doesn’t know where you are on the organizational chart.

Leadership is indifferent to who you are, where you came from or who you know.

Leadership isn’t interested in how many social media followers you have.

Leadership doesn’t care how well you know how to work a room.

Leadership isn’t measured by the size of your contact list.

Leadership isn’t about getting it is about giving.

Leadership really isn’t about you.

It’s about them.

Leadership shows up when you give yourself away.

Less of you… is more.

  • Less controlling more empowering
  • Less talking more listening
  • Less telling more asking
  • Less doing more delegating
  • Less commanding more coaching
  • Less tasking more teaching
  • Less pushing more guiding
  • Less instructing more inspiring
  • Less pride more praise
  • Less plans more dreams
  • Less you more them

Leadership can only fill the space that your ego has surrendered. So instead of thinking about leadership as something you get or earn, or as a title you achieve through following some recipe in a book, think about it as something you release. It’s already in you. It just needs to be given space to appear. And when it does, you will inspire others. And they will do so in turn. And that’s how you change the world.

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20 thoughts on “In Leadership – Less Is More

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  2. mikepbp says:

    Scott, Inspiring Post!!! Leadership is about setting the future direction, painting the picture and providing your people with the tools/coaching that is needed for them to develop… You are correct – it is all about your people…


  3. Suzie Carr says:

    Inisightful post. Leadership really is about building up others and empowering them to travel the success path too.


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  5. This is really good Scott! It makes me think of how a facilitator leads a group into community. No room for ego there!


  6. Susan Mazza says:

    Simply brilliant Scott! Have you seen the books put out by Simple Truths? They have these beautiful little books with powerful messages accompanied by arresting images. This would make a great one of those books.


    • scott_elumn8 says:

      Thanks so much Susan. I love the idea of using simple truths in life. One of the reasons I enjoyed John Maxwell so much as a young leader. He always boiled it down to a few simple maxims.


  7. Jackie O'Carroll says:

    Thankyou Scott. I am coaching a team today and leadership is central. the ‘less is more’ message will be so helpful!


  8. Thank you for this simple wisdom, Scott! By recognizing that leadership is about getting our ego out of the way and releasing the wisdom already within all of us, that’s how we *all* can unleash our own leadership potential and do some good in the world.

    The only other comment I’ll add is that we can’t wait for our ego to surrender that space, because it won’t. Our higher self needs to take care of that part.

    Great post on a day that honors a historic change agent, MLK!


    • scott_elumn8 says:

      Thanks Alice – hmmm….how about “the space your ego surrenders after your true self beats it into submission”. (smile) Leaders can learn to let go through awareness and that definitely requires connection to our true self (what I like to call our soul). Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the positive feedback.


  9. Scott, this is a post that I’ll boomark and periodically look back to review. The idea of “less commanding and more coaching” is important and practical in the education setting. I look forward to your next post.


    • scott_elumn8 says:

      Thanks for the kind feedback. That’s one of my favorites too. Commanding is easy so it’s difficult not to make that the default approach. In fact it is appropriate sometimes but coaching is where leadership happens. Where we influence.


  10. Dan Forbes says:

    Scott, you’ve done a great job with the “less is more” idea. You’ve hit the nail on the head by saying “Leadership really isn’t about you…it’s about them.”


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