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Leading Your Life – Positive Intelligence


Positive Intelligence

We interrupt this series of posts on Leadership Anonymous to bring you the following related content…

If you would like to learn more about how we sabotage our lives and our leadership, and what you can do to become a more effective and positive leader, I highly recommend Shirzad’s book and the resources available on the positive intelligence site. There are a couple of great assessments you can take to help you understand your story. Often the biggest limitation to our success and happiness in life is our own mind. Shirzad offers an easy-to-understand explanation of the forces in our thinking that cause us to behave in ways that opposed our deeper ideals and desires. He then provides very practical exercises for changing our patterns and increasing our “PQ”.

A powerful Rypple.com webinar on the subject is also available below. In particular listen to the story he shares regarding a recent experience working with  group of CEO’s:

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